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Founded in Paris in 2022 by Cloé Sonnet, Closso is a ready-to-wear brand inspired by the Nature and committed to a sustainable creation. We make our pieces to order, each one is unique.
In harmony with the nature and its richness, we use traditional and natural techniques.
Our creations are alternatives to chemical processes that are toxic to our bodies and the planet. Our materials are from plant, organic or mineral sources. Our textiles come from unused rolls from fashion houses, designers and factories, which gives them a second life. Additionally, our colors and patterns are created using inks and natural dyes concocted by ourselves. As a result, our process of production allows us to create clothes environmentally friendly and  without generating waste.
We also wanted to bring back to light the knowledge inherited from ancestral craft traditions. Natural dyeing was an omnipresent process before the revolution of synthetic colorants in the 19th century. We use different artistic processes to create our pieces, including dyeing, printing or painting. In an effort to decelerate the fashion industry and ensure quality production, we make our pieces to order. Each piece is unique and specific to our dream world.
We are committed to an environmental and local work ethic. Our production is entirely handmade in our studio. Our pieces are dyed, printed and made in Paris.  A part of the components used for dyeing comes from a sustainable and ecological production located in the south of France.
We are guided by a constant desire for transparency and improvement of our practices. Through our action and our commitment we hope to bring a change in the world of textiles which is more respectful and capable of meeting the challenge of contemporary issues.

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